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Summer Pop Festival


Ice pops are perhaps the ultimate in summer desserts. Simple and refreshing, they can be light and fruity, rich and creamy, or anywhere in between. Paletas, the Latin-American creation born for slaying summer’s warmest and most humid days, are all the rage in Charlotte right now.

Bursting with summer-infused flavor, paletas are tasty heat beaters, with none better than the Latin-styled icy treats by King of Pops.

A culinary alchemist’s dream, these tasty frozen treats are a mash-up love-child between a smoothie and a popsicle, often pairing fresh fruits, herbs, spice infusions with devilishly simple ingredients yielding amazingly complex flavors.

Yes, you can make them at home, and you’ll be limited only by your own imagination, access to a monster blender and the patience of Job while you wait for them to freeze. But why would you?

For those (like me) who prefer to spend more time on the enjoying—read eating—end of the paletas equation, the pop maker of choice in Charlotte is the royally delicious King of Pops. With exotic flavors like Plum Ginger, Grapefruit Mint, Blueberry Lemongrass, Tangerine Basil and Mexican Chocolate, even the most die-hard ice cream aficionados will find pops to their liking for some licking.

King of Pops began in Atlanta and now has locations throughout the South. Seen about town at street festivals, splash parties and lounge openings with their colorful carts, King of Pops recently opened a retail storefront in South End, where a visit can leave your freezer packed for weeks.

Here, fruit- and cream-based paletas kissed with sweeteners like agave and organic cane sugar tempt all comers. Need your event catered? King of Pops has you covered.

Hosting a party this summer? Try a fruit-infused swizzler in your favorite Prosecco or sparkling wine . . . delicious!