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CREATIVE LOAFING - Turandot Turns Up The Heat

Turandot is a 12th century Asian princess, a Middle Ages era cross between contemporary uber-bitches Cersei Lannister and Kim Kardashian. Her beauty is so captivating that countless men vie for her affection. Those who incorrectly respond…
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High wattage event has Charlotte Dems seeing stars

Nothing like the DNC 2012 national convention to bring Hollywood to Charlotte - read about one youth forum I sat in upon here at Creative Loafing.
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E Pluribus Unum – Out of one many – things to like about this show

UNCC's Projective Eye Gallery scores with Crista Cammaroto's E Pluribus Unum. Read about the special show in light of the DNC Convention here in Creative Loafing.
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Stalking…for fun and business

Amy Aussieker is taking stalking to a new level, she is after comedian Jon Stewart and won't stop 'till he shows up at her store for a cup of coffee. Here at Creative Loafing.
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AIDS in the South remains a volatile issue

Read my piece here on moves by NAACP and local advocacy group RAIN here in Creative Loafing.