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Sustain Charlotte Looks to Green, Sutainable Community

Read my profile of environmentalist Shannon Binns and his vision for creating a sustainable Charlotte here.
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McColl Center For Visual Art Captivates

Charlotte visual arts Mecca, The McColl Center, offers one of the most unique artist-in-residence programs in the country. And that's just the beginning. Read more about this community treasure in my piece  here.
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Hummingbird Whisperer Unlocks Bird's Secrets

Local hummingbird expert, Dr. Jay Whelan, shares some of his vast birding knowledge with me here.
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Neighborhood At 30,000 Feet Deserves Attention

Some may not think in these terms, but when on-board an airplane you are really part of a community that deserves some basic common courtesies. Read my take on what makes for a neighborly flight here.
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Lessons From Blood Done Sign My Name

Tim Tyson's award winning book, Blood Done Sign My Name, translates well to the big screen. There are many lessons to be learned from this true and very personal account of the civil rights era accounting. They span from the tobacco warehouses…