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Marine, Students Inspire Each other

Sometimes you just run into a great story that leaves you all warm and gooey on the inside. Read my feature piece on Marine Chris Nagel in the Charlotte Observer and you'll see what I mean.
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Back-story, vulnerability, and The Great American Songbook featured in “Ella: The Musical”

Tina Fabrique brings the First Lady Of Song, Ella Fitzgerald, alive in her performance of Ella.  Read my profile/preview here.
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Film-Maker Finds Historic Treasures

Charlotte film-maker Donald Devet has a knack for capturing history with a contemporary twist - all in our own back yard. Read my piece here.
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Anime Voice Actor Vic Mignogna Uses Platform to Share Significant Message

Watching Vic Mignogna address a packed ballroom of screaming anime fans, I couldn’t help but be impressed at how he connected with each of the 400 or so mostly-teenage girls in a personal and almost visceral way. Mignogna was in Charlotte …