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DUKE ILLUMINATIONS - Support for Artists Builds Community

  Abstract landscape painter Jessica Singerman doesn’t live in a major art market like New York or London, so taking advantage of the digital universe helps bring her work to a wide audience. She is developing her website…
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CHARLOTTE MAGAZINE - It's Time for a Mental Health Movement

MORE THAN A DOZEN groups and causes have designated May as a month for awareness. Mental Health Month is just one of those. This month also marks the 17th anniversary of my own battle with depression. I thought I’d escaped the family…
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ASC - Why Do Fish Swim? - Martha Connerton

Martha Connerton has never known a time where dance was not an integral part of her life. “The full 60 years of my life have been spent in the field of dance,” says Connerton, a dancer, choreographer and educator. “Why? Ask a fish…
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BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE - Member of the Family - Wrigley

  Wrigley launches the new pet-centric feature at Ballantyne Magazine.   ViewLink