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Shalom Park – Cultural Crossroads

Standing as a vibrant cultural crossroads in the Charlotte community for the past 22 years, Shalom Park is a unique contributor to the texture and fabric of urban life in the Queen City. Heralded through-out the city as a signpost…
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Oosty a Hard Man To Catch Off The Links

Finding Peter Oosterhuis in one place for very long during the golf season can be a trick. Read more here in my profile.
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Theater as Community

Few conversations in Charlotte envision the theater as community. Charlotte is not a string of suburbs in search of a city like many American burghs of comparable size. We are a grouping of eclectic and diverse neighborhoods from NoDa, to…
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Alvin Ailey Dance - 20 Years Under Artistic Direction of Judith Jamison

It has been more than forty-five years since Alvin Ailey, a product of itinerant, working class Texan parents, founded his eponymous company and introduced the world to an innovative dance troupe that celebrated the African-American experience…
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CHARLOTTE VIEWPOINT - No brakes on her career – An interview with Lily Tomlin

America’s love affair with Lily Tomlin began in 1966 when she made her first national television appearance on The Gary Moore Show. According to Tomlin, it was her ability to “tap dance barefoot” that landed her the job and took her…