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Local arts organizations need to explore new funding sources

Thriving in the new economy means new ways of approaching patrons, donors. Some examples from the National Arts Marketing Project conference held in Charlotte.
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Andreas Bechtler: The Artist

Charlotte knows Andreas Bechtler as a collector, philanthropist and for the museum of contemporary art that bears his family name. I speak with him about his own creations, here at Charlotte Viewpoint.
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Two faced lover? Jekyll & Hyde’s Teal Wicks reveals

She stands by her man.. even though he has a split personality. Here at Charlotte Viewpoint.
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DNC2012 Video

What happens when I get turned loose during the Democratic National Convention with my pal, videographer Donald Devet? Watch here at Charlotte Viewpoint.
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CHARLOTTE VIEWPOINT - It’s a wrap – Observations from the DNC

It’s a wrap – Observations from the DNC - What was it like to be at ground zero at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and what was the take-away from that experience? Here’s my behind the scenes analysis. Whew, I’m…