U.S. History? According to North Carolina, it Doesn’t Matter

According to officials with the North Carolina State Board of Education, the Tar Heel State’s high school children don’t need to learn about the founding of our nation or the Civil War. The Board is proposing changes to the high school history curriculum that will eliminate teaching about any historical events prior to 1877. I can't make up stuff this good, it's true. Check it…

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South Carolina Losing Subversive Revenu

In what will likely deal a crushing blow to yet another revenue stream for budget-tight South Carolina, State Senator Larry A. Martin last week introduced a proposal to repeal the  Subversive Activities Registration Act. According to Martin, the law has been on the state’s books since 1951 and mandates that state-based subversives first register  and pay a five dollar filing fee with the state prior…

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New Media – Caveat Emptor

The evolution and convergence of media is certainly nothing new and is being embraced in many circles, particularly with younger readers and technology adapters who use digital forms of media to inform and entertain themselves. Read my opinion piece on consuming new media and the caveats to keep in mind here.

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Y’all Get Fat Now, Hear?

Southerners, perhaps more than any other Americans, have a love affair with their food. Of late however, the relationship between Americans south of the Mason/Dixon line and their food has become more complicated and by many measures, downright dangerous. My opinion on the very real health issues facing all Americans, here.

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Lessons From Blood Done Sign My Name

Tim Tyson's award winning book, Blood Done Sign My Name, translates well to the big screen. There are many lessons to be learned from this true and very personal account of the civil rights era accounting. They span from the tobacco warehouses of the south to drugstore lunch counters that refused blacks service in the 1960s. Read my review here and note the comment from…

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