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Testicles Put Brakes On SC Woman's Joy Ride

Yes, you read that correctly. Check out my humorous reporting of this very real occurrence here at Like the Dew, Journal of Southern Culture & Politics.
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U.S. History? According to North Carolina, it Doesn’t Matter

According to officials with the North Carolina State Board of Education, the Tar Heel State’s high school children don’t need to learn about the founding of our nation or the Civil War. The Board is proposing changes to the high school…
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South Carolina Losing Subversive Revenu

In what will likely deal a crushing blow to yet another revenue stream for budget-tight South Carolina, State Senator Larry A. Martin last week introduced a proposal to repeal the  Subversive Activities Registration Act. According to Martin,…
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New Media - Caveat Emptor

The evolution and convergence of media is certainly nothing new and is being embraced in many circles, particularly with younger readers and technology adapters who use digital forms of media to inform and entertain themselves. Read my…