I’m captivated by popular culture. Theater, music, dance, opera, visual art and all forms of expression and connecting cultural worlds fascinates me. Here is some of my very best work featuring the incredible world of all things artistic.

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CHARLOTTE HAPPENINGS - Seven Wonders of Charlotte Public Art

History, character and culture of the Queen City are all represented in varied public artworks defining Charlotte’s sense of place. Public art in Charlotte defines our community with its multi-layered textures, colors and bearing…
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CHARLOTTE FIVE - Addition Through Subtraction - Giacometti Sums it All up in the End

45 drawings and sketches span a 50 year career of Alberto Giacometti in this exhibit at the Bechlter Museum of Modern Art. ViewLink
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LAKE NORMAN MAGAZINE - Science Making Nutrition Accessible & Delicious

Research at Dole Nutrition Institute in Kannapolis is making nutrition science accessible and delicious.  It turns out your mother was right. Eating fruits and vegetables really is good for you. And there’s an army of nutrition…
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Concord-based artist and curator brings internationally recognized turned wood sculptures to Gantt Center. Concord resident Charles Farrar enjoys an unabashed love affair with wood. An acclaimed wood turner, he works wooden “blanks”…
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THE NEW YORK TIMES - Hunting for Lost Choreography

Kim Jones is a dance detective. That means she rescues lost works by stitching together fragments of ephemera — a choreographer’s notes, decades-old still images — with original performers’ fading memories to restage dances that…