I’m captivated by popular culture. Theater, music, dance, opera, visual art and all forms of expression and connecting cultural worlds fascinates me. Here is some of my very best work featuring the incredible world of all things artistic.

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BLUMENTHAL SPARK MAGAZINE - Bringing Broadway to Charlotte

BPACs Broadway Lights Series is at the core of more than 1000 performances appearing across our stages annually – Here’s how it happens. The Great White Way is golden of late as Broadway musicals are enjoying a phenomenal renaissance…
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Late last fall, Charlotte-area dance enthusiasts experienced a performance at Robinson Hall that featured the work of internationally renowned choreographer Paul Taylor. As audience members thrilled to the rebirth of the all but lost…
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CHARLOTTE FIVE - Sensoria Rocks Charlotte With Lit, Art, Music, Film Dance & More

"People in our community have souls that are thirsty for cultural enrichment and nourishment,” Irene Blair Honeycutt. So she created Sensoria. ViewLink
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When the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” takes the stage in Charlotte during the 2017/2018 season, local fans will be so busy congratulating themselves on scoring tickets, they’re not likely to consider just how much goes on behind the…