I’m captivated by popular culture. Theater, music, dance, opera, visual art and all forms of expression and connecting cultural worlds fascinates me. Here is some of my very best work featuring the incredible world of all things artistic.

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CHARLOTTE VIEWPOINT - The worlds around us – World’s Fairs at the Mint

Charlotteans have a scant few weeks left to take in one of the most significant exhibitions featured at the Mint Museum Uptown since the museum’s opening in 2010. Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs 1851-1939…
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UNC CHARLOTTE MAGAZINE - Projective Eye Shines Bright

UNCC's Projective Eye Gallery has had impact that belies its small size. Here in my piece at UNCC Magazine,
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UNC CHARLOTTE MAGAZINE - Hidden gem revealed

Kim Jones’ smile lit up the foyer at University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Robinson Hall as she spoke of her admiration of legendary dancer/choreographer Martha Graham.  Jones, 38, is assistant professor of Dance at UNC Charlotte…
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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - Celebrity Sushi? It's Out There!

WCNC anchor Dion Lim has one. So does “The Nature Boy” – wrestler Ric Flair. Former Bobcat Boris Diaw has one, as does NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip. Each of them are among the dozens of Charlotte celebrities with their names on…
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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - Nonconformist photographer looks back

After attending an Occupy Wall Street rally in Albuquerque near his home, photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon wants to know if the protesters have a presence in Charlotte. "I'll have some free time when I come and I'd like to check…