I’m an essayist and chronicler of the world around me. Here are some of my favorite observations and profiles of some of the fascinating people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - Authenticity as a Business Model

Charlotte’s Black Sheep Skate Shop keeps loyal following on board Walking into Black Sheep, the South End independent retailer of skateboards, accessories and hard-to-find sneakers, it’s hard to tell the sales staff from the customers.…
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I am really pleased to have my piece selected by the University of MN alumni publication for spotlight. Here are the Poker Boys.
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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - Experts look at the future of pottery

Experts look at the future of pottery - When an internationally known expert on ceramics was set to speak at a pottery symposium, ceramic shards were flying at studios and galleries across the country. Here is the story behind the controversy: When…
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CHARLOTTE VIEWPOINT - It’s a wrap – Observations from the DNC

It’s a wrap – Observations from the DNC - What was it like to be at ground zero at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and what was the take-away from that experience? Here’s my behind the scenes analysis. Whew, I’m…
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CHARLOTTE VIEWPOINT - Do not pass go; Do not collect 15 trillion dollars

  There is an old and not-so-funny joke among economists that asks the question: “Why is there no such thing as a one-armed economist?” The answer, of course: “Because then they would never be able to say, ‘But on the other…