I’m an essayist and chronicler of the world around me. Here are some of my favorite observations and profiles of some of the fascinating people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - How to Make Aging at Home Work

Two years ago, Jean Wolfe’s ability to stay in her home was in jeopardy. She took a bad fall in her bathroom, breaking several ribs and experiencing a collapsed lung that landed her in the intensive care unit. At 80 years-old,…
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SOUTHPARK MAGAZINE - Make it Whiskey, in a Barrel, Neat

Legendary Kentucky bourbon maker’s unique program provides opportunity to craft bespoke product. For Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge general manager Peter Grills, the lure of creating a custom barrel of bourbon for his guests at Gallery…
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THE NEW YORK TIMES - Hunting for Lost Choreography

Kim Jones is a dance detective. That means she rescues lost works by stitching together fragments of ephemera — a choreographer’s notes, decades-old still images — with original performers’ fading memories to restage dances that…