There are so many creative and innovative businesses providing great products and services in the market. Here are the back stories of those I’ve found most interesting.

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CHANGE MAGAZINE - Surfing Retail's Shifting Waves

Savvy brands and retailers stay ahead of consumer expectations by recognizing shifts in how and when buying decisions are influenced, cementing channel-agnostic relationships, and shaping expectations.  While barrels of ink have been…
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CHANGE MAGAZINE - Standing Out From The Crowd

Here are some perspectives on how companies are using social media and technology to attract and recruit candidates in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. ViewPDF
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CHANGE MAGAZINE - Crossing the Divide

My piece on cross-functional work teams and their holistic approach in servicing customers. ViewPDF
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CHANGE MAGAZINE - Telework Dials it In

Working remotely is not simply a trend, it’s an employment revolution and significant component in talent attraction, retention, productivity and cost savings for employers large and small.   As workday commutes stretch longer and…
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CHANGE MAGAZINE - Preparing for Battle

  How organizations address gaps in their Information Systems security is critical to successfully fending off increasing cyber-threats. There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don't know…