Media (singular medium) are the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data.

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Here's Why the Calendar is the Unsung Tool that Will Help You Brainstorm Ideas Editors Will Love

Time is often the freelancer’s worst enemy—looming deadlines, tight appointments, and impossible schedules can invoke terror in even the most organized writer. Those scenarios may make the calendar feel like a ticking time bomb,…
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5 Smart Freelancer Moves to Start the New Year

  Post-holiday season is a tempting time for overworked freelancers to enjoy a break in routine and generally be okay with a slow week or two. However, even if I don’t have many articles to write, end of December and early…
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Your Favorite Editor Just Left. Now What?

For many freelancers, you have a go-to client for consistent work. Concentrating a majority of your income with a single publication is great when the work is flowing consistently, but that type of relationship can be a double-edged sword…