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Oosty a Hard Man To Catch Off The Links

Finding Peter Oosterhuis in one place for very long during the golf season can be a trick. Read more here in my profile.
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Krispy Kreme & Cheerwine Team Up in Culinary Tsunami

Those two North Carolina Powerhouse brands that can inspire a diabetic coma have teamed up for something really special. Read my expose here.
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Mary Poppins. Booty-liscious??

From the opening Chim Chim Cher-ee to the closing Supercalifragilisticexpiaidocious encore medley, the brilliantly constructed ensemble cast maintained an energy level that was just slightly below uncontrollable frenzy. My review of the…
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Theater as Community

Few conversations in Charlotte envision the theater as community. Charlotte is not a string of suburbs in search of a city like many American burghs of comparable size. We are a grouping of eclectic and diverse neighborhoods from NoDa, to…
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Alvin Ailey Dance - 20 Years Under Artistic Direction of Judith Jamison

It has been more than forty-five years since Alvin Ailey, a product of itinerant, working class Texan parents, founded his eponymous company and introduced the world to an innovative dance troupe that celebrated the African-American experience…