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Yes, I Have No Tomatoes

The summer of 2010 was very bad for my usually bountiful tomato crop. Was it me or the weather? Read my thoughts here.
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My Last Tomato

The last tomato is an annual rite of passage for me. The calendar told me that autumn had begun officially more than two weeks earlier. Yet summer for me endured as long as my last tomato stood lonely vigil on the withering vine. Cherubic…
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Krispy Kreme & Cheerwine Team Up in Culinary Tsunami

Those two North Carolina Powerhouse brands that can inspire a diabetic coma have teamed up for something really special. Read my expose here.
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Y'all Get Fat Now, Hear?

Southerners, perhaps more than any other Americans, have a love affair with their food. Of late however, the relationship between Americans south of the Mason/Dixon line and their food has become more complicated and by many measures, downright…