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SOUTHPARK MAGAZINE - The Face of Courage

  Brave Step founder Crystal Emerick wants momentum from #MeToo movement to generate greater focus on healing for sexual abuse victims.  Crystal Emerick knows hope, recovery, and healing are possible for adults who have been…
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CHARLOTTE MAGAZINE - It's Time for a Mental Health Movement

MORE THAN A DOZEN groups and causes have designated May as a month for awareness. Mental Health Month is just one of those. This month also marks the 17th anniversary of my own battle with depression. I thought I’d escaped the family…
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Ask a Boomer: How to Recover From A Big Mistake at Work

Screw up big-time at work? There's hope for you. Here's some advice in my latest Boomer column at at Charlotte Five: ViewLink
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Job Satisfaction at Work? Ask a Boomer.

  The Boomer shares his take on the formula for finding satisfaction on the J-O-B and in life. ViewLink