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Urban Beekeepers Buzz With Enthusiasm

What could be more pure and local than honey from your own back yard? Check out the buzz from this urban beekeeper whose bees may just have been in my yard not that long ago. Read my piece here in the Charlotte Observer.
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Spokes Group Delivers Joy On Two Wheels

Charlotte-based nonprofit Spokes Group will distribute more than 2,100 new bicycles and helmets this year to disadvantaged youths, with the majority of those bikes going to kids in Mecklenburg County. Read this heartwarming story of generosity…
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Opera Carolina Navigates Through Difficult Economic Times

Read how Opera Carolina reaches well beyond the stage and into the community to connect with and build their patron base.  Find my profile here.
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Ships-in-Bottle Take Dedication

One of only a handful of such experienced and established artisans nationwide, Goodwin was contacted last year by the property manager for the upcoming DreamWorks film production of Alice Sebold's novel, “The Lovely Bones.” The film…
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Grier-Rea House A Tribute Rural Heritage

One of the oldest plantation houses surviving in Mecklenburg County, the house stands in tribute to the rural heritage of this part of the county. The commission has designated the Grier-Rea house a local landmark. It's one of a number…