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ASC- Layers of Story - Jeff Jackson

  Readers of Jeff Jackson-authored works are quickly immersed into nuanced character-driven stories where his protagonist’s emotional wounds and fractured souls strengthen their resolve and ironically serve as scabbards in insulating…
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ASC - Why Do Fish Swim? - Martha Connerton

Martha Connerton has never known a time where dance was not an integral part of her life. “The full 60 years of my life have been spent in the field of dance,” says Connerton, a dancer, choreographer and educator. “Why? Ask a fish…
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ASC- Ambassador to the Natural World - Ruth Ava Lyons

Ruth Ava Lyons travels the globe to find and depict the underlying beauty in ecosystems that are stressed and suffering from the effects of global warming and human actions. “Most of my work focuses on environmental themes, such as…
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CHARLOTTE FIVE - Emergency Room Doc Pens First Novel

Charlotte physician Kimmery Martin's debut novel Queen of Hearts was a test in patience and perseverance. She shares the journey her at Charlotte Five. ViewLink
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BALLANTYNE MAGAZINE - Member of the Family - Wrigley

  Wrigley launches the new pet-centric feature at Ballantyne Magazine.   ViewLink