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Meeting Professional's Guide to Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

Here is an insightful interview I conducted with Ambit Energy's director of event planning, Kristin LeGate. ViewPDF
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CONVENE - Which Web Conferencing Software is Right for Your Event?

So, what matters? In short, a lot: participant size, file-sharing capabilities, mobile accessibility, security, chat, polling, attendance monitoring, integration with internal scheduling/calendar/CRM, social media integration and ease of use. Video…
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Managing down-time away from the office helps planners maximize their productivity while on the road.  From long airport waits to delayed conference meetings and last minute cancellations, lost time away from the office can rob planners’…
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AMERICAN CITY BUSINESS JOURNALS - How to Unlock Employee Productivity

Clearly defining and communicating expectations, providing support infrastructure are keys to getting the most from employees. Savvy is the business leadership team that communicates an easily understood organization vision, defines employee…
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Why Offering Supplemental Insurance is a Smart Strategy for Small Business

Voluntary plans offer employees value, protection, and greater satisfaction with benefit programs. With benefit plans capturing an increasing share of most small business’s budget, supplemental insurance offerings can be part of an effective…