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DC REFINED – Moonshine, Mountains & Music

Don’t worry about feeling guilty while chillaxing during your long, lazy weekend escape to Franklin County, the front porch to Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and the “Moonshine Capital of the World.” Urbanites quickly find the virtue in enjoying a slice of the good life in Southern Appalachian where D.C.’s daily grind is easily slayed by […]

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ASC – Healing African Rhythms – Kojo Bey

Look no further than to Kojo Bey to learn – and experience firsthand – the healing power of African drum and dance. Bey is cofounder of and lead drummer for the Sounds of Afrika Drum & Dance Troupe and founder of Drums 4 Life – two cultural organizations entertaining, educating and inspiring diverse audiences for more […]

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ASC- Layers of Story – Jeff Jackson

  Readers of Jeff Jackson-authored works are quickly immersed into nuanced character-driven stories where his protagonist’s emotional wounds and fractured souls strengthen their resolve and ironically serve as scabbards in insulating them from the darkly dystopic realms they occupy. “Since college,” says Jackson, “I’ve been drawn to fiction for its ability to explore characters on […]

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ASC – Why Do Fish Swim? – Martha Connerton

Martha Connerton has never known a time where dance was not an integral part of her life. “The full 60 years of my life have been spent in the field of dance,” says Connerton, a dancer, choreographer and educator. “Why? Ask a fish why it swims. I was dancing around the house before I ever […]