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LAKE NORMAN MAGAZINE - Tiny Hands, Big Hearts

Rescue Ranch teaches responsible pet ownership, building on children’s natural compassion and love for animals. Krissie Newman’s voice is tinged with emotion as she shared details of the incident that sowed the seeds for what would…
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What I've Learned - James Meena

Opera Carolina's James Meena shares life's lessons from adversity in the next installment of What I've Learned - Here at The Charlotte Observer. ViewLink
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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - The Tomato - A Uniter, not Divider of Fruits & Vegetables

Nashville, Tenn., gallery owner Meg MacFadyen thinks summertime and tomatoes are such perfect soul mates she created an entire festival in their tribute. The former Charlotte resident and South Meck high school alum is the founder and head…
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THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER - Using Social Media to Accelerate IRL Connections

Garrett Tichy, one of Charlotte’s most popular people connectors, enjoys social networking the old fashioned way – engaging face to face over a coffee or a beer outside of the office. And while Tichy, 31, loves engaging on a personal…