"Just did a quick read-through before the photo shoot with all the guys this afternoon, and I think it looks great! Thanks for making it all happen." -Katie Coleman, Editor Lake Norman Magazine
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Charlotte Skyline

A cool specialty publication highlighting the best in Charlotte. Read my contibution on the cultural scene here:   View PDF
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AMERICAN CITY BUSINESS JOURNALS - Leadership Lessons From Conducting an Orchestra

There is nothing quite as impressive and majestic as experiencing a fine symphony orchestra performing a grand classical score. The exquisite precision, timing and intonation all coming together in a collective wave of music can be awe inspiring. A…
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AMERICAN CITY BUSINESS JOURNALS - Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

The true power of social media for the entrepreneur or business owner comes from the way in which it helps build relationships with people who can do business with you and then tell others about you. That’s according to business consultant…
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Dining by Design

  Designing a restaurant for customer appeal, operational efficiency and easy maintenance involves a great concept, smart industrial design, and a bit of kitchen wizardry. When Mital Naik opened Brazz, the uptown Brazilian carvery…